Indicatively, we are conducting studies:

Every engineering study is always prepared in accordance with applicable national, European and international law, including pre-costing of the materials specified in the study.

  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Central heating and thermal insulation systems
  • Distribution of central heating costs (in millimeters)
  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation o Gas Fuel Networks, such as LPG)
  • Power and weak current networks
  • Active fire protection and fire extinguishing
  • Water supply, drainage
  • Electric and hydraulic lifts
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Solar and geothermal systems

Our office assumes full coverage of your property in terms of heating. From designing to building modern systems, with a primary focus on fuel savings, combined with providing thermal comfort in your premises.

Our office undertakes the study of active and / or passive fire protection (fire protection) for any type of business and any complexity.
From the control of the site and the means of fire safety to the design of the study, the submission to the competent authority for approval and the final issuance of the Fire Safety Certificate.
Fire safety study and certification of fire safety is required in almost all professional areas, such as shops, public places, offices, warehouses, training centers, industries, garages, car wash, petrol stations, hotels, etc.

Having compiled studies on the licensing of photovoltaic power parks of over 6MW, our office has the necessary experience and training to study, position and process the dossier to obtain terms of connection to your photovoltaic park.

Our office with experienced and trained partners undertakes:

  • Drawing up studies on lorries, overtaking vehicles, trailers when modifying their main features
  • Drawing up technical studies for the classification of trucks mounted on cranes or trolleys
  • Issuance of Licenses to Project Machinery (Clark, Coke) and Trailers
  • Designing Rear Lift Doors for Trucks (Hydraulic Doors)
  • Type approval for special purpose vehicles