Certifications of Lifts &
Lifting Machines

Elevator Certifications &
Lifting Machines

Our office in collaboration with NOVA certification άνει undertakes the certification of all lifting machines and lifts

For lifts our services include:

Periodic Elevator Check is performed to confirm that the elevator is still operating safely. According to Greek Law (Government Gazette 2604 / Β / 22-12-2008) periodic inspection of lifts is mandatory and is performed exclusively by Accredited / Authorized Organizations. Existing lifts should be periodically rechecked at the time by the owners / managers of the buildings.

Periodic Lift Check

Refers to lifts installed and for which there is a prior certificate, license or pre-approval.

Elevator Installation Check

Concerns old elevators (installed in buildings licensed before 07/1999) and for which there is no prior certificate, permit or pre-approval.

Lifting machines

In the framework of Government Gazette 1186 / N / 2003 (U. 15085/593/2003) services are provided for the Testing and Certification of Lifting Machines. Lifting machines are classified as hazardous as follows:

Category Υ1

Regarding Cranes Operating at Sea, Cranes in Aggressive Atmosphere (Lifting Capacity ≥ 2T), Cranes (Lifting Capacity ≥ 5T), Building Cranes, Lifting Bridges 4 , Wall mounted or web cranes (lifting capacity ≥ 2T).

Refers to Elevators at risk of operator or other worker falling from a vertical height of more than 3 meters, Construction Machinery (cranes, cranes, excavators, cranes, cranes) , Cranes wall mounted or on mast (lifting capacity <2T).

It relates to small construction cranes up to 250kg (parrots), lifting machinery (eg lifting, aircraft powering, airliners, work platforms, etc.), Concrete Pumps, Forklifts, Lifts (4)

Concerns for moving cranes, Manual load lifting machines over 100 kg, Non-self-propelled lifts, Hydraulic mechanisms with scissor platforms with a capacity exceeding 200 kg.