Security technician

By law, any company that employs at least one person with a part-time job is required to sign a security contractor. The Security Technician in each business is responsible for the following:

  • a) Advise on design, planning, construction and maintenance of facilities, introduction of new production processes, procurement of equipment and equipment, selection and monitoring of the effectiveness of personal protective equipment, as well as shaping and arranging jobs and the working environment and generally organizing the production process.
  • b) Checks the safety of facilities and technical equipment prior to their operation, as well as production processes and working methods prior to their application and provides for hygiene measures and job safety and accident prevention, inform

Our office provides a substantial amount of technical security work. And this is not only good for employees, but also for the employer itself, as we work as a consultancy and for the protection and safety of business premises.

The Security Technician always acts as a business consultant. It states in the notebook kept by the company any advice that is either mandatory to comply with, or is considered to work for, the safety and health of workers and the protection of electromechanical installations within the business. you.

In addition, we are available for a variety of additional activities such as:

  • Preparation of Occupational Risk Assessment Study (mandatory by law)
  • Concluding a contract for the inspection and certification of your electrical installation as defined by applicable law.
  • Issuing a fire safety certificate if the company does not have it
  • Staff training seminars on various topics related to occupational safety and the use of electromechanical equipment
  • o Development of an emergency escape plan etc.